Attention All TIMEOC Members! 1 minute video appeal — Please watch


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  1. Kathryn

    Hey Jeff;
    Considering the original ‘Ultimate Dog Tease’ is one out of only about, oh, eight UTube videos I’ve ever “favorite-ed”, I was delighted to see your version. Excellent job! (I’m sure there are no copyright issues in that. Right?)

    Miss the meetings, and as soon as gas goes back down below $4.00/gallon, (wait for it…wait for it….), I look forward to driving from Palm Springs to Irvine to participate. If you ever decide to Webinar the sessions, I’M SO THERE! I realize, however, the value in, and importance of meeting one another personally. In the meantime, the blogs are great too. THANKS! Kathryn

  2. Super Funny Video Jeff! TIMEOC is an incredibly worthwhile group for those with technology skills and ideas to meet others who can help them make their ideas reality. I am proud to be a member and to support TIMEOC at my entrepreneurial center, where businesses come to GROW!

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