Kickstarter Funds Genius Strap

Something special happened to one of our  TIMEOC members recently.

He got his Kickstarter project funded!  The Genius Strap is now a reality.

TIMEOCer Lionel Castro  thought of the idea and then began coming to TIMEOC to get help on making it a reality.  Jump forward about 9 months and he has the funding to do it.  And over 200 Kickstarter customers.

Lionel has monetized his idea in a very good way.  Rather than getting investor capital by selling equity in his company, he did it by getting customers.  It should be noted that customers alone did not fund his project.  He put in much his own time and money to help it become a reality.  But starting off with 200 customers is a great way to get off the ground.

The photo included with this post is from the Orange County Register.  They even mentioned TIMEOC! Our first newspaper mention!

TIMEOC wishes a great CONGRATULATIONS to Lionel and I know all of the TIMEOCers that helped fund the project are looking forward to getting their Genius Straps!

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