Here is your chance to relate how TIMEOC has helped you.  It may be a specific member or the whole group. And thanks for the feedback!


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  1. mkuhns

    TimeOC has been wonderful and helped teach me a lot about startups and working in the technology fields. Attending meetings I was able to learn about funnels, equity, startup types, shares, advertising, various social media platforms, and much more. I’ve worked to apply these tools and knowledge successfully in my Skyfire startup ( to great success. This is a group that definitely adds value to your business.


    Last night’s TIMEOC meetup was very fruitful one. So much interesting information were given out – from CrunchBase to Amazon FBA.

    The best part was saved to the very last which Jeff put on the discussion list but none of us were interested – Enterprise Architect. It totally knocked me off the mind map concept. I was surprised why some thing so simple and powerful, and I saw it everywhere, but never thought about adding it into “my map”. Definitely a 5 star meeting from me:)

  3. My last testimonial was about how TIMEOC helped me. This time I want to tell you an example on how I helped a fellow TIMEOCer and also stress a point. A third of my KickStarter project’s journey, I was asked for a feedback on a website. I emailed a couple of them. The most important was to replace the domain name with a new one so it will have a better and more fitting name for the product. It is now the website’s new domain name and we saw a very happy camper last week. If you want to get and give feedback, TIMEOC is the meetup to be in. However, my example is just a lepton in comparison to how many people have been helped by TIMEOC and by Jeff. Remember, he is the soul of TIMEOC. A befitting host and excellent at it. He is not seeking anything in return so post your testimonials if TIMEOC has helped you. ;D

  4. I entered the TimeOC event with a lot of questions in mind and got out with a lot of ideas, valuable feedback and positive energy. Our company is in the process of moving from monetizing to profitability and we are looking forward to experimenting the suggestions we got from Jeff and the rest of the crew had for us. We will keep you posted with our progress. Thank you and stay tuned!

  5. Last year July, I relocated from the east coast to Orange County, California. I continued developing my prototypes. I needed to setup a landing page. Last year August, I joined TIMEOC because I read “TIMEOC was started to help people get technology ideas made into reality.” Seemed liked a good fit for entrepreneur and website help. After a few meet ups and learning how this meet up worked, I asked for feedback about website/landing page. After two other separate meet ups, landing page iterations, and feedback later, I still have a minimum viable product (MVP) landing page which has improved just a little bit. However in the background, there were other significant events that happened. There were so many great feedback that would have significantly improved my website but I had to put them on hold because I had other higher priorities and also I’m bootstrapped.

    One of the significant events was when I was developing the landing page and doing more research, I discovered many more unexpected uses of the strap.

    Another was while I was receiving quotations from manufacturing companies and in one of the TIMEOC meetings, I met Dr. James R. Zarian, PhD, MBA who knows about polymers and other great stuff. We talked and discussed further the green benefits and features. We both went to a manufacturing company a few days later. It was like everything fell into place. After deciding on the final material and few weeks later, I created my first KickStarter project. I have shared my experience with the group. As of this writing, I’m waiting for the KickStarter funds to be cleared so I can start tooling, production and eventually deliver GeniusStraps to backers. I’m very grateful for the feedback and the KickStarter support from this group.

    In short, TIMEOC turbo charged the development and monetization of the GeniusStrap. Thank you very much TIMEOCers and Genius Backers especially Jeff Duncombe! Jeff’s business experiences and open-mindedness makes him a great host. It allows him to view things on different and multiple perspectives.

    Plus, I loved the mastermind format and we help each others projects through feedback.

    TIMEOC is a hidden gem for entrepreneurs and yet to be discovered by many. I’m very proud to say I’m a TIMEOC advocate. I’ve been telling anyone with an idea whom I’ve met to stop by and check out this meetup.

  6. TIMEOC attendance allowed me to find a compatible technology person who assisted me in launching a website I could be proud of, i.e. refer a client to view w/out being worried it did not look good.

    Like any other group, there are some things I find value in and some other aspects I do not, but generally there is good information about technology related issues.

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